Drawing and Talking LimitedA therapeutic method of working with children

What is Drawing and Talking?

Drawing and talking is a safe, easy to learn method of working with children to help with underlying emotional difficulties that may be affecting their learning and behaviour.  The core of the method is encouraging the children to draw with a person they feel comfortable with regularly at the same time each week, and this person asking some non-intrusive questions about the child’s drawings.
Over time, a symbolic resolution is found to old conflicts, old trauma is healed and the child becomes more able to control their behaviour and better able to access the curriculum.

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Why use this method?

Drawing and Talking is a powerful yet safe healing method which compliments the Every Child Matters agenda.  It is a low-cost, short-term intervention to use with children for whom there is nothing else available, or as an interim intervention for those children on the waiting list for CAMHS or other Outside Agencies. 

How was this technique developed?

Drawing and Talking is based on Jungian principles.  It was developed from Dr John Allan’s Serial Drawing technique which he used to train students at the University of British Columbia.  Maria Beagley trained with Michael Green, a British Child Psychotherapist and has developed the current training program with Dr John Allan himself.

Who is the training for?

Training in Drawing and Talking is aimed at Teachers, Learning Mentors and Teaching Assistants in schools; counsellors, nurses and other clinicians; or any other empathic adult who works with children on a regular basis.