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Dr John Allan

Photo of John AllanDr John Allan was Professor Emeritus of Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of numerous articles and books on play therapy and school counselling. His Inscapes of the Child’s world, Jungian Counselling in Schools and Clinics, a Spring Publication’s bestseller, received the Best Book Award from the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association.

Drawing and Talking therapy is based, directly, on John’s Serial Drawing Technique which he has used in his clinical work with children – both ‘normal’ children in classrooms and those traumatised by abuse, emotional neglect and terminal illness.

Dr Allan received his PhD from the Institute of Education, University of London, and is currently Senior Training Analyst with the Pacific Northwest Society of Jungian Analysts (Canada and USA).

Maria Beagley - Director

Photo of Maria BeagleyMaria Beagley is a qualified teacher and had taught in Primary and Middle Schools for more than 30years. She had been a SENCO in several Inner City Schools and has worked extensively with children with ASD and social communication difficulties.

In 2001, Maria was trained by Michael Green, a child psychotherapist, who wanted to take John Allan’s Serial Drawing Technique into schools. Together, Maria and Michael developed Drawing and Talking and the results of the pilot were published in the Spring 2003 edition of Special magazine.

Since Michael Green’s death in July 2004, Maria has continued to work closely with John Allan in delivering training in the Foundation Drawing and Talking and in the further development of the other training courses we provide.

Jane Woollard – Foundation to Drawing and Talking Trainer

Photo of Jane WoollardJane Woollard is a Foundation to Drawing and Talking Therapy Leader. 

She is also responsible for the ‘Reach Out’ service.  This service offers people from schools and other organizations, parents who may home school, or who work with children away from a school environment to have someone outside there direct workforce to carry out Drawing and Talking with children they are responsible for. 

Jane continues to work in a mainstream Primary School in Suffolk with children who need additional support. She has worked and continues to use the Drawing and Talking Technique with children from reception age to school leavers.

Cath Beagley – Director

Photo of Cath BeagleyCath Beagley worked as a Sales Manager for 4 years before joining the company in 2005 Drawing and Talking Ltd as Director. 

She has completed all Training in the Drawing and Talking Technique, as well as developing new projects for Drawing and Talking to undertake.  Cath is responsible for all contacts within Local Education Authorities and INSET training and is accountable for all Sales and Marketing within the company.

Carlo Tozzi – General Manager

Photo of Carlo Tozzi

Carlo joined Drawing and Talking in 2008 as General Manager.  He has worked in finance for 9 years.  He is responsible for all participant registrations on regional training as well as being the finance manager.

He has completed all training in the Drawing and Talking Technique.